I post this as a pubic -- I mean public service. There are dangers to having sex, and injuries can occur. If you do get hurt, do you really want to explain it to friends and family? According to a recent survey, 18 million people have suffered some form of injury during sex.

Here is the list:

1 - Doggy-Style

According to physical therapist Kristi Latham, forceful handling of this position can cause female tearing. Also, there can be problems placing the male member in the right spot.

2 - 69

Apparently, doing 69 can result in pink eye, according to a study
published in the International Journal of STD and Aids Researchers.

3 - Missionary Position

It's the safest position, though there can be downsides. In smaller women, there can be bruising or other abrasions. It's also possible that if it's too rough, women can develop UTI's.

4 - Counter Top Sex

Spontaneous sex is always fun and exciting, but don't get too excited when attempting counter top sex. In fact, according to Justin Lehmiller of Harvard University, there have been instances where the guy was too enthusiastic that he missed his target and his penis ran right into the counter.