If you could see, in person, any team in the NBA, which would you see?

Would you want to watch the league's best team, or its best player?  Would you rather see a dynamic, high-flying offense, or an old-school, methodical, bruising one?

To me, the answers are easy.  I'll take the player, and the fast-pace.  Give me the superstar whose game you have to see in person to truly believe, and give me the up-tempo, push the floor offense.

In essence, give me the excitement.

Here are the five NBA teams I think best fit this formula:

  • Oklahoma Thunder: How is Kevin Durant doing this?  Watching on TV, the guy looks like he weighs about 120 - maybe 125.  And yet, he's tearing up the league.  Simply put, he's an electrifying watch, one that I need to see in person.
  • New York Knicks: Admittedly, they don't fit the formula, but the Knicks are like the act of a bad magician right now. You don't know if he's going to fake saw a woman in half, or actually cut through her abdomen in front of a full house.
  • Houston Rockets: With Harden, Parsons and Howard, the Rockets are one of the more complete teams in the league and their fast-pace makes them a great watch.
  • Miami Heat: Two words: LeBron.  James.
  • Golden State Warriors: Similar to Kevin Durant, I don't get how Steph Curry is doing the voodoo that he do, but he is, and it's incredible.  And folded in with the rest of Golden State Warriors, and the run-and-gun style they play, the Warriors may be the most exciting team in the league.

Which team would you want to see most?  One of the five I mentioned above?  Or another of the league's 30 franchises?  Let us know by commenting below, and make sure to sign up for our "Hoop It Up" contest.

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