I feel like Frodo Baggins right now (no height jokes please)!  For 4 months, I hunted, and this morning, I found "my precious."

What is it?

A Maryland Terrapins mini-football helmet!

Yes, that's right a 50 cent piece of plastic.  I've been searching for my alma matter's helmet since last fall.

It all started back in October.  I was at Price Chopper - getting my morning newspapers.  I went by the gumball machine and noticed they were selling mini-football helmets.  I look a bit closer and discovered that there was a Maryland one staring back at me.

I had to have it.  So began my obsession.



Everyday for the last 4 months, every trip to the grocery store turned into the hunt for the "ring" or my helmet - as it were.  As crazy as it sounds, I set some limits for this obsession: I would spend no more than a dollar a day trying to get the coveted Terps helmet.


I didn't have any luck for months.  But today, I just had a feeling.  I dropped my 50 cents in the machine and said, "C'mon - please, make it a Terps helmet."

And there it was.  A Maryland helmet!  Finally!  I did it!  I literally yelled out loud (in public), "Yes, I got it."

In all, I ended up with 40 total helmets (18 of them have been doubles).  I know, I've got issues.

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