The July 4th holiday is known for a lot things in America: Fireworks, flags, barbecues and hot dogs. Coney Island each year takes the American love of hot dogs to a new level each year when they host the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating contest,  The favorite again this year is legendary eater Joey Chestnut. Chestnut has been a guest numerous times on 1045 The Team over the past few years explaining his eating regimen and how he is able to devour that many hot dogs that fast. Chestnut's records include winning the Golden Mustard the most amount of times (10) and eating the most amount of hot dogs in the competition's history (73.5). For some the antics and frantic eating can be a bit too much. Others, like myself, love watching the competition. Below is 1045 The Team's interview with Hot Dog Eating champion Joey Chestnut, hours before the event. Will you be watching the 2018 Hot Dog Eating Contest this afternoon? Let us know below.

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