The first official gameplay trailer for NBA Live 14 has arrived, and with it we get to finally see... well, not much actually.

It's now exactly two months until NBA Live 14's Nov. 19 release date. This trailer is the first extended glimpse we've seen at EA's roundball return, but it doesn't offer much in the way of things to get excited about.

While the footage is all in-game and supposedly from an actual playthrough, we only get to see cover star Kyrie Irvining dribble and drive up court. It's a very brief glimpse into what lies ahead, and to be frank, we're a bit worried.

At this point, we should know a lot more about NBA Live 14's prospects than we do, especially considering EA has had so long to work out its basketball issues. If NBA Live 14 isn't a competent title when it releases, EA will be exactly back where they were two years ago when NBA Elite was banished to the nether just days before its release.

Perhaps EA can bring something to the table, but until we actually get to see what shooting, defense and multiple players interacting with one another looks like in NBA Live 14, we're not getting our hopes up.

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