2 free agents. 2 guards. Similar strengths. Vast differences. Well traveled. Seen as spark plugs and yet enigma's as well. I am speaking of Knicks guard J.R. Smith and Bulls guard Nate Robinson.

Coming into the playoffs it was Smith whose value was on the high considering he was the 6th man of the year and seemingly had finally grown up. Robinson was a bench part, maybe a bit more, for the Chicago Bulls, Injuries and need for scoring forced Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau to not only play him more but start him. If not for "little Nate" the Bulls don't beat the Brooklyn Nets in round 1. No one will dispute that. In fact back in December there were rumors about the Bulls actually cutting Robinson. Smith is a free agent if he chooses to opt out of his final year on his deal.He is making 2.5 million and in my humble opinion would have stood to make around 10 million per year. Something like a 4 year-40 million dollar deal similar to the Pacers David West. Teams crave shooting and again it appeared Smith had finally matured. Robinson is working on a 1 year, non-guaranteed deal at the league minimum.

So I ask the question again. Has Robinson "earned" more based on his post season performance then Smith has lost based on his.

It was Smith who crashed his elbow into the chops of the Boston Celtics on purpose to get a 1 game suspension. That 'bow" appeared to have woken up the Celts who at the time were down 3-0 in games. Boston won that game 4, the next game, and put a scare into the Knicks of becoming the 1st team in NBA history to rally from a 3-0 deficit in a 7 game playoff series.

The Knicks won game 6 at the Boston Garden to avoid humiliation. However since his 1 game suspension Smith hasn't had a good shooting game, the Knicks can't make hoops vs the Pacers and are on the verge of being dismissed from the playoffs. Smith in fact said after game 4 of the series that he bears the brunt of the blame for the Knicks predicament. Not many Knick fans would disagree.

To add to Smith's slide he has been seen out partying till early morning hours with Pop diva Rihanna. I am thinking if I am a GM of a team  " Do I want to give this guy, in light of the antics, elbows, and carousing until the wee hours, do I want to give him a multi year deal for big cake."  Frankly my answer is probably not.

So in light of these facts I ask again. Has Nate Robinson, a bit part, earned more cash with his post season performance the JR Smith has lost?


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