The 2011/2012 NBA schedule has been released and we finally get a look at what the teams grueling schedules will be, including a look at the opening day Christmas games. One thing is for sure this NBA season, the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat will be getting a lot of national attention.  According to ESPN the Heat and Dallas will open up the season against each other on ABC for the Christmas day game and then the two teams combine for 27 more national appearances.  So if you aren't getting enough of the 'big three' it's sure to be rammed down your throat this season.

As far as the other Christmas day games, The Knicks and Celtics will be meeting to open the season followed by Miami at Dallas, Chicago at Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando at Oklahoma City and Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State.  Kind of a boring note to end the night on, but at least Blake Griffen is entertaining.  For a complete break down of how the NBA season will play out check out the NBA website, and look at the season schedule check here.

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