The New York Yankees have been the subject of many books but I can't remember one that dug deep enough to paint a negative picture of "The Captain" Derek Jeter. That is I couldn't until I started reading "Inside The Empire: The True Poser Behind The New York Yankees" written by Bob Klapisch and Paul Solotaroff. Solotaroff joined us to explain why he and Klapisch wanted to write about the lesser known sides of Jeter and Torre.

Anyone who listens to the show knows I love Jeter and Torre so reading this book has had me conflicted. Here's the thing, I've read articles from Paul Solotaroff for years now and know he's not doing this merely to get publicity or sell a book. He has clearly been holding some of these feelings in and after he and Klapisch sat down with Yankees' GM Brian Cashman it was time to share. I'll always love what Jeter did for my Yankees but this certainly adds food for thought.

Listen to the full interview with Paul Solotaroff below.

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