Starting on Wednesday November 4th, 2020 New York State is beginning to implement new travel restrictions. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began in New York this past spring, anyone who traveled from out of state was required to quarantine for fourteen days following their arrival to the state. After months of this state mandate, New York State is now shifting the rule.

According to CBS 6 Albany, the new rules are

" must have a negative COVID-19 test from the other state within three days of departure. On arriving in New York, they must quarantine for three days, and get another test on the fourth day. If both states' tests are negative, that traveler may end quarantine. Travelers who do not get a test on the fourth day after arrival in New York must still complete the 14-day quarantine."

This new mandate will likely have an impact on New York families hoping to welcome friends and loved ones to their homes during the upcoming holiday seasons. Thanksgiving day is three weeks away while Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's Day are less than two months away. While the new mandate involves less days for citizens to stay quarantined for, visitors to the Empire State will likely have to shift their travel plans in order to travel in and travel back while complying with the rule. There is also the added issue of which state vistor's are traveling from. All states have different rules and regulations involving COVID-19 rules.

Despite a more encouraging mandate for a potential return to a more conventional lifestyle for New Yorkers, one New York holiday tradition has already been altered. To find out more about that topic, check out Levack's  article from earlier this week


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