I feel like that scene in the movie "Cabin in the Woods" where the guy goes to the whiteboard and says "Who had MOSS BALLS?!" as a method of destruction. Over the last 12 to 13 months we've had a pandemic, riots, Murder Hornets, an attack on the Capital, and many other issues but I never thought I'd need to warn you about MOSS BALLS! The New York Department of Conservation (DEC) is warning pet and aquarium stores as well as consumers to immediately remove, carefully dispose of and thoroughly clean up after their "moss balls".

Stores like Petco and Pet Smart are reportedly considering a voluntary recall of moss balls because they may be infested with zebra muscles. Invasive zebra mussels were discovered inside and on some of these products, as reported by the US Fish and Wild Life Service.

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According to News 10 ABC consumers are advised to remove and properly dispose of any moss balls purchased within the last year by following these steps:

1. Dispose of moss balls removed from tanks in a sealed garbage bag. Other aquarium plants should also be disposed of as they may harbor zebra mussels.

2. To disinfect a tank after safely removing any animals, apply household bleach — one cup of bleach per gallon of water — and let it sit for 10 minutes before disposing of water down the sink or toilet

3. Disinfect filters, gravel, and structures with a solution of bleach. Water from filters must also be treated with household bleach before disposing of water down the sink or drain

4. For larger tanks that cannot be easily drained, email isinfo@dec.ny.gov for instructions

5. If zebra mussels are in a tank or on a moss ball, take a photo if possible and report the observation via email to isinfo@dec.ny.gov or by phone: 518-402-9405

So to summarize if you own some form of aquatic enclosure in which you feel the need to introduce 2 to 5 inch balls of moss, carefully dispose of said balls and clean the surrounding area thoroughly. Whatever you do, DO NOT FLUSH YOUR BALLS! Your mossy balls could ruin everything!

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