A bill has been proposed by Republicans in the New York State Senate, one which would drastically impact the way cannabis is used in the Empire State. Though the bill may not have the metaphorical strength to pass, it signifies how conservative lawmakers are feeling about the future of cannabis in the state.

It also shows that, though marijuana has been legalized in New York, there are some that feel the fight against it may not be over just yet.

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Bill Proposed Would Limit Usage of Marijuana in New York to Private Settings

A story from ABC News 10 in Albany shared an update on proceedings in the New York State Senate which relate to the use of marijuana in the state. Republican lawmakers have introduced a bill that would ban the use of cannabis in public places.

Conversely, those who use marijuana would be barred from doing so unless they were in a private setting.

Unsplash / Elsa Olofsson
Unsplash / Elsa Olofsson

The bill would, in essence, establish an equivalent for marijuana to the "open container law" that currently exists for alcohol. It would also be an extension of a bill that was previously signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul, which prohibited the smoking of cigarettes and marijuana at public parks and beaches.

Senator George Borrello, the sponsor of the bill, said that the proposal was in response to complaints from constituents about the smell and public intoxication, according to News 10.

Unsplash / Ahmed Zayan
Unsplash / Ahmed Zayan

Those with knowledge of the situation surrounding the proposal are uncertain if the bill will be passed through the Senate. That said, there is potential for the bill to be re-worked to benefit both sides more evenly, and that a modified bill could be passed in the future.

More to come.

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