The New York Mets played the Chicago Cubs at Citi Field on Wednesday night. There was one winner and one loser in the game, but the true winner, more than either team on the field, were fans of the Mets.

Last night was Dollar Dog Night at Citi Field, and the 22,485 people in the stands brought their A-game:

The hot dog-to-fan ratio here is truly impressive. Every fan ate an average of 1.969 hot dogs from the time that Citi Field's gates opened, until the final out of the ballgame.

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In honor of this impressive feat, trading card manufacturer Topps has created a new piece of memorabilia for baseball fans to purchase:

The cards are currently available on the Topps website, and indeed, the price is set at $1.00 before shipping. The sale only lasts until noon on Friday, so take advantage of this amazin' deal while you can.

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The website also tells fans to be on the lookout for Base Card Parallels, which are randomly inserted into every print run. Look for Numbered Parallels including 99 Ketchup and 99 Mustard.

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