Gaming Law and Sports Betting Attorney Daniel Wallach has been closely monitoring the attempts to legalize Sports Betting in New York State. As a matter of fact, Wallach was even asked to speak before the State Senate Committee to legalize not only sports betting in the four Upstate Casinos but also to legalize mobile betting as well. So with the news that sports betting will, in fact, be legal in NYS, where does that leave mobile betting? We ask Daniel Wallach.

Wallach gives mobile betting in 2019 a "40% to 50%" chance. This is because Wallach has said all along that the New York State constitution does not have any language that would stop it. So, basically, if Governor Andrew Cuomo changes his stance and is willing to sign it into law it could happen this year. Many do not have the same optimism as Wallach but based on his testimony there's really no reason to not allow mobile wagering. Listen above to the full interview and get up to speed on the legalities surrounding sports betting in NYS.

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