A Taco Bell location in New York has come under fire recently, and for a reason that's far more serious than their Diablo Sauce being too hot to handle. Rather, the restaurant chain is facing significant backlash after one customer was left devastated when the food they ordered did not match its appearance on the menu, or in television commercials.

To me, that's simply a fast food chain in America, but to the plaintiff, that's a class-action lawsuit.

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New York 'Taco Bell' Sued for False Advertising Over Menu Discrepancies

Twitter user @RobertFreundLaw shared a post on Monday afternoon in which he detailed a lawsuit that had been filed against Taco Bell. Come to find out, the lawsuit was filed against the Taco Bell in Ridgewood, New York, a neighborhood in the borough of Queens.

In the tweet, you can see a screenshot of the Class Action Complaint, which has side-by-side images of different menu items from Taco Bell. Take a look:

Here are the specifics of the lawsuit: a class action against Taco Bell for unfair and deceptive trade practices for falsely advertising the amount of beef and/or ingredients contained in Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme®, Grande Crunchwrap®, Vegan Crunchwrap®, Mexican Pizza, and Veggie Mexican Pizza menu items.

Now, the plaintiff who filed this lawsuit, Frank Siragusa, does make a good point about how the food looks on a screen. Check out this commercial that was recently produced by Taco Bell:

If you've ever been to Taco Bell, you know very well that the final product does NOT look like that. That's very common, as many corporations like Taco Bell, McDonald's and Burger King use fake food, non-food items and other clever camera tricks in order to make their products look more appealing on-camera.

Don't believe me? Check this out:

So, in theory, the plaintiff is correct in alleging that Taco Bell is not being completely honest in how they advertise their products. That said, if Taco Bell can be sued for false advertising, then so can 99% of chain restaurants in the world.

At this point, we should all understand that, if you're getting fast food, it's probably going to taste great, but at the same time, you get what you get and you don't get upset.

And, you CERTAINLY shouldn't file a lawsuit after the meal. You must simply take a few Tums, and prepare yourself for battle.

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