In 2021, during his third term as Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo resigned from the office.

Cuomo was the subject of multiple sexual misconduct allegations, and an investigation found that he had harassed at least eleven women during his time in office as Governor. It was on August 23, 2021 that Cuomo officially stepped down from his post.

Recent reports are indicating that, though he resigned amid controversy, at the time, Cuomo was not planning on being out of office for very long.

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Reports Claim Andrew Cuomo Nearly Ran for Governor Again in 2022

A story from WNYT NewsChannel 13 and other outlets shared details from a book being released Tuesday, one which was written by one of the top aides to Andrew Cuomo, the 56th Governor of New York.

Former chief aide Melissa DeRosa, the author of the memoir What’s Left Unsaid: My Life at the Center of Power, Politics and Crisis claimed that the disgraced former Governor had plans in place to run in the 2022 New York gubernatorial election, which was ultimately won by Kathy Hochul.

New York Governor Cuomo Holds Briefing In Manhattan
Former New York Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa / Getty Images

Here's a snippet from DeRosa's book, via WNYT:

“We had a vendor lined up to print petitions and had assembled a volunteer army and a paid canvass operation that was set to go," - Melissa DeRosa, via WNYT

If Cuomo's decision only impacted himself, then he would've done it. It was the negative impact on his three daughters, however, that ultimately led Cuomo to make the decision to stay out of the race for Governor in 2022.

Governor Cuomo Delivers Remarks At The Tribeca Festival
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Cuomo's three daughters are twins Cara Ethel Kennedy-Cuomo and Mariah Matilda Kennedy-Cuomo (born 1995), and Michaela Andrea Kennedy-Cuomo (born 1997). He is the son of Mario Cuomo, who was New York's 52nd Governor, serving from January 1, 1983 through December 31, 1994.

The next New York gubernatorial election will take place on November 3, 2026.

New York Gov. Cuomo Speaks On Gun Violence Prevention
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