The New York Yankees have made a change to their away jerseys. The sky must be falling, right?

Not quite, but it's still headline news. The change itself is not shocking, but the fact that New York made any change at all certainly is, as the Yankees' change to their away jerseys marks the first alteration to that uniform since 1973. At that time, the white outline around the navy "New York" letters was added.

So, 50 years later, what change did New York decide to make this time around?

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New York Yankees Make Change to Away Uniform Ahead of 2024 Season

Here's the groundbreaking change that fans will see in 2024: the white outline that was added in 1973, has been removed. The team returns to their classic away uniforms, with the "New York" penned in navy blue, directly on top of the gray base.

The team also removed the piping on the end of each sleeve, further simplifying the design.

Here's a look at the change:

Here's another look, modeled by prized Yankees' acquisition Juan Soto:

Some fans were not high on this change:

Others, however, were a bit more excited (bad language warning):

To me, it's a subtle change, and one that tips a cap to an era that featured a great deal of winning. From the late 1930's through the late 1960's and into the 1970's, the franchise won a handful of their 27 championships. They won those titles while wearing this jersey design.

If you can capture that spirit, and pair it with a team that appears to be going all-in on 2024, then the New York Yankees might have a home run of a jersey change here.

Only time will tell.

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