With April Fool's Day just a few days away, the jokesters in our lives are all probably preparing for another hilarious prank to make us all bust out into laughter. A recently-published study actually supports that theory, as based on Google search results, New Yorkers are collectively the second biggest "jokers" in the entire country.

Which state's population was ranked above New York's, as the true lovers of the comedic arts?

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Study Finds New Yorkers Love to Joke Around More Than Most in the U.S.

A recent study published by Gambling.com took an analytical approach to finding the states that love to laugh the most, and in doing this, found the populations that are considered the biggest "jokers" ahead of April Fool's Day 2023.

In order to complete this study, Gambling.com used four different criteria points in order to generate rankings for each of the fifty states. Those criteria points were Google search volumes, comedy clubs, comedy acts for hire, and comedy meetup groups (all per capita).

Brian Posehn (Unsplash / Stewart Munro)
Comedian Brian Posehn (Unsplash / Stewart Munro)

When all of the scores were added up, New York's population was collectively identified as the 2nd-biggest "jokers" of any state in the country. Only the state of Nevada was ranked higher, with a final "score" of 85.8 to New York's 79.8

Here is how New York scored in each of the four individual categories:

  • Google Interest Score (Out Of 100): 44.3 (Last)
  • Comedy Club Score (Out Of 100): 89.5 (6th)
  • Comedy Acts Score (Out Of 100): 85.4 (8th)
  • Comedy Meetups Score (Out Of 100): 100.0 (1st)
  • Final Joker Score (Out Of 100): 79.8 (2nd)

Calfornia, Illinois and Colorado were the three other states that completed the list of the top five states that love to joke around the most. Montana, Idaho and North Dakota were all ranked at the opposite end of the list.

NETFLIX IS A JOKE PRESENTS - The Drop In Hosted By Janelle James
Comedian Taylor Tomlinson (Getty Images for Netflix)

Meanwhile, the states located closest to New York on the map were ranked in these spots:

  • Massachusetts: 13th
  • Connecticut: 23rd
  • Vermont: 37th
  • Pennsylvania: 18th
  • New Jersey: 7th
  • New Hampshire: 42nd

From prominent comedy clubs, to large groups of comedy fans, New York is a great state for those who love to laugh to call home. After learning all of this about the Empire State's comedy scene, only one question remains: what does your neighborhood jokester have planned for their annual April Fool's Day prank?

If you believe the analytics, it'll be hard to find a better laugh anywhere else this Saturday.

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