During the summer of 2022, Green Bay Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers revealed something about himself.

Rodgers stated in a podcast interview that he went on an ayahuasca retreat to Peru in 2020. For those who don't know, the substance ayahuasca is considered a psychoactive beverage, and is consumed by people who are looking to have a psychedelic experience and connect with themselves on a more spiritual level.

Rodgers' admittance of this trip made headlines at the time, and his use of ayahuasca is being publicly discussed again after new comments about it were made by a celebrity.

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Jake Paul Shares that He Joined Aaron Rodgers in 2020 Ayahuasca Retreat

A story from USA Today and other outlets shared comments from Jake Paul, a former YouTube star who has since launched a new career as a professional boxer. Paul shared interesting information about Green Bay Packers' QB, Aaron Rodgers, and the ayahuasca retreat upon which he embarked back in 2020.

According to Paul, Rodgers wasn't alone, as the two of them both shared the experience together.

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On the interaction between Rodgers and Paul, Jake Paul said this:

"Aaron and I were actually together when we did the ayahuasca," Paul said. "He’s more publicly known for speaking about it, but I was actually there with him when we did it. We spent the week there doing it. Definitely share that similarity in terms of spirituality and reflecting and going into the deepest parts of the mind. Definitely have been doing some of that." -Jake Paul to USA Today

There are layers to this story. If an athlete wants to embark on a psychedelic experience on their own time, that's their business. It was ruled that the substance did not violate the league's drug policy, so, what's the harm?

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That's not the problem here. The problem, in my mind and the minds of some New York Jets' fans, is that we constantly learn head-scratching new details about Aaron Rodgers. He's very unpredictable, which is a quality  you'd rather not have in your team's multi-million dollar quarterback.

If you're the New York Jets, and you're going to give up assets to acquire Aaron Rodgers, then proceed to pay him $50 million a season, then you need to be sure you can rely on him. The more we learn about Rodgers off-the-field, though, the more uncertain that seems to be.

It's going to be an interesting season at MetLife Stadium, to say the least.

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