The NFL Draft starts tonight in New York City.  And guess what?  I won't be watching.

Here are 5 quick reasons why: I’ve got a life. It’s horrendously boring. Once you get past the first 10 picks or so (which will take hours), they’re basically picking guys I’ve never heard of.  Is there even going to be a season?

The NFL and the players aren’t talking.  They haven’t talked since March 11th.  We’re in limbo.  We don’t know if there’s going to be a full season.  Courts, lawyers and appeals are all that’s talked about right now.

Tonight’s a phony song and dance.  No one likes each other and they’re all faking it for a night.  It’s like a divorced couple deciding that on the kids' high school graduation night, they’re going to all go out to dinner and actually get along (just for the kid).  But once the graduation night is over, they’re going to go back to hating each other.

It’s just not exactly riveting television.  I guarantee there are people out there that will watch the entire draft but those same people will refuse to watch baseball games because "there's not enough action."


A team makes a pick.  Ten minutes go by and then another team makes a pick.  Rinse and repeat for about 4 hours.

The pre-draft-hype is actually a lot more exciting than the actual draft itself.  The mock drafts, team needs, the guessing and speculation.  Trade talk.  That’s a lot more fun than when the picks are made.

This is the one sporting event where watching the actual “EVENT” isn’t really necessary.  You can just read all about it on the internet and the newspaper and still be as informed as a guy that watched it for the entire 4 hours.  Honestly: how many actual draft day moments do you recall from last year? Five years ago?  Other than the Jets fans booing every single pick their club makes, I don’t really remember any.  It’s like remembering who won the Bronze medal in the 100 meters at the 2008 Olympics in China!

People call the NFL Draft the 2nd biggest NFL event of the year after the Super Bowl.  I can think of three more things that are more exciting: Shopping for lawn furniture, watching any chick flick starring Matthew McConaughey or clearing the branches and twigs off my yard after an ice storm.

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