Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko, along with D Two Media, has developed and launched the first ever NFL player mobile app.

“I'm super excited about that,” said Peko, on 104.5 The Team with Armen and Levack. “It came about with my agency. They partnered up with 360 Sports and they were able to launch this app for me.

“It's on iTunes and it's also on my website It's a free app. It gives fans a closer look at what I do in the off-season and what I do during the season.

“It gives them a closer look at what I do. It's really cool to build a relationship with your fans and just let them know that I'm there for them and that they are one of the reasons that I play.”

Peko has plans to continue to improve his app.

“I'm going to get my people at 360 to put some games on there for kids because I know kids really love apps, and I want to put some football games on there for them.”

In just its first week, the app has reached over 1,000 people.

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