Apologists for the NFL's replacement officials have only had one leg to stand on through two weeks and 15 games, that being that a bad call hasn't directly altered the outcome of a game on one play. Well, that defense is shot, after a pathetic series of officiating by the NFL's replacement officials in tonight's Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

Allow me to recap: Golden Tate of the Seahawks assaults defender, Russell Wilson throws interception, Tate vaguely gets two hands on the ball after the interception, Seahawks win. Makes perfect sense, at least, in the replacement ref version of the NFL.

Listen, I get it, people love football and want to see it continue with anyone officiating it. But this has gone far enough. The legitimacy of the league is becoming less than that of Antonio Cromartie's children. If Roger Goodell doesn't act soon, fans may do the unthinkable and walk away for good.

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