With the approval by the NHL to grow the league with an expansion franchise in Las Vegas, Nevada, what the team will be called is always an interesting debate.

This weekend, the franchise's owner, Bill Foley, revealed the short-list of names that the team is considering to call themselves. The options are the Nighthawks, Red Hawks, and Desert Hawks are the remaining options, although there are rumors of two other choices.

The names aren't terrible choices. I think we all would like to see a name more related to the characteristics of the city in which the franchise will reside, but these choices aren't bad one bit. Nighthawks seems to be the frontrunner at the moment. Both Nighthawks (Night Hawk) and Desert Hawks are indigenous species to the area as well.

Foley was favoring the name "Black Knights", but the team was unable to get the rights to the name.

"I hope we’ll have that paperwork done fairly quickly," Foley said. "I want to spend my money on hockey players, not on team names."

With the team nearing a decision on a name, we ask you:

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