NHL: Las Vegas Franchise Nearing Name [POLL]
With the approval by the NHL to grow the league with an expansion franchise in Las Vegas, Nevada, what the team will be called is always an interesting debate.
This weekend, the franchise's owner, Bill Foley, revealed the short-list of names that the team is considering to call themselves..…
The Paddock Pass Podcast
This weeks episode is loading with content. We have all the updates on this weekend's Kentucky Derby prep races and producer Tom Gozlowski joins us to discuss "Who is the greatest horse of all time?" Is American Phaorah a 1 seed? Is there a horse that should be on that isn&apo…
Who Would You Rather See Take Control of NFC East?
Giants fans, you are in a very tough spot today. It's Thanksgiving. You are going to watch football no matter what. The middle game of the tripleheader features two of your most hated rivals. The Eagles visit the Cowboys. Both are 8-3, which begs the question, if one of them has to win, who wou…
Kentucky vs 76ers Who Wins [Poll]
Phoenix Suns point guard and ex-Kentucky player, Eric Bledsoe was asked if the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team played the Philadelphia 76ers in a seven game series who would win? Listen Below
“I think Philly would get probably, maybe one game. I k...
Will Victor Cruz Ever Play Again?
Just when you thought Sunday night's shut out loss to the Eagles couldn't get worse, Victor Cruz goes down screaming in pain. A torn Patella tendon will mean the end of Cruz's season and possibly his career.
Will it Ever Feel Like Baseball Season? (Poll)
I was driving through Troy on Tuesday afternoon, and the temperature in my car said 56 degrees.
It was sunny. The street was covered in the water of melting snow. And then, because of daylight savings time, the sun stayed in the sky until nearly 7 p...
What's The Worst Proposed Rule Change [POLL]
Every offseason in professional and college sports, there are ideas about ways to "better" the sport.
This offseason was no different. And there were several controversial rule change proposals -- maybe the most controversial ever. It could be the college football10-second rule (The Saban R…
Did Marcus Smart Get The Right Punishment? [Poll]
Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart has been suspended three games for shoving Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr.
In a statement, Orr said that he did not use a racial slur, called Smart a, "piece of crap".
Marcus Smart spoke to the media, off the top of his head without a statement, he said:
I w…
Tebow Most Overrated?
Sports Illustrated recently did a poll of 180 random NFL players, asking them who they think is the most overrated player in the league. The top answer was New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow. Do you agree with those players, or do you think somebody else is more overrated than Tebow...

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