Raffi Torres hit Chicago's Marian Hossa pretty hard in game three of the series between the Phoenix Coyotes and Blackhawks. That hit has now resulted in a massive 25 game suspension.


The hit that Raffi Torres put on Marian Hossa resulted in Hossa leaving the ice on a stretcher.  The NHL took notice of it, has taken some swift action against Torres.  It looks like he'll be sitting 25 games.  It's the longest suspension the NHL has handed down since 2007, when Chris Simon of the Islanders was suspended for 30 games.

The suspension goes into effect during the playoffs, and if the 25 games aren't reached, it could cross over into the next season.  To add to the suspension, Torres will have to give up almost $22,000 in salary for every regular season game he misses.

[Via ESPN]

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