Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young has been in the news a number of times recently. None of which for his play on the court.

Most recently he was involved in an incident with teammate D'Angelo Russell who videotaped Young without him knowing, talking about relationships, leading to an uproar with the team.

Yesterday, Young went to go get a new tattoo and brought along his girlfriend Iggy Azalea.

Lets just say it was a good thing Azalea was there because she saved Young from a very embarrassing tattoo. The tattoo artist laid the stencil upon Young's back when Azalea noticed something. A word was spelled incorrectly. Young wanted the phrase 'Born Rebel' on his back, but it was spelled 'Born Reble'.

Here is the photo:

Credit: Iggy Azalea/Twitter
Credit: Iggy Azalea/Twitter

Have you ever seen a mistake like this?

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