One can take an educated guess that Michael Vick will be the starter for the New York Jets in 2014. Another assumption can be made that the NFL veteran will get hurt at some point during the season.

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“Physically, I’m 100%,” said Vick to on Friday night. “I went and took my physical and they told me I was one of the healthiest players to come through here in a long time. That was good to hear.”

Vick is right, that’s good to hear – but will his well-conditioned body actually hold up?

The soon-to-be 34-year old has not played a complete season since 2006. Looking back to 2009 when he joined the Eagles, Vick has missed 21 games due to injury.

And it’s not just one body part either, look at his injury list and it includes quadriceps, ribs, concussions, hand and most recently hamstrings in 2013.

Vick is breaking down, not getting younger and still hangs on to the football too long and gets blasted outside the pocket.

“Hopefully I can maintain up to 16 games.”

Uh, yeah. You’re not kidding.

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