It has been quite the year for Novak Djokovic.  This year he has won the Australian Open and Wimbledon.  He can add US Open to his resume after beating Rafael Nadal yesterday to solidify his #1 world ranking.


2011 has been very good to the worlds number one tennis player.  Novak Djokovic had already won 2 grand slams this year, and facing the always intimidating Rafael Nadal in the US Open final had to of been nerve racking.  Djokovic however handled that pressure very well and ends up on the winning side of things.

He beat Nadal at the US Open yesterday 6-2, 6-4, 6-7 (3), 6-1 in a match that lasted over 4 hours.  At this point last year Nadal was the king of tennis.  All talk was about him and Roger Federer, but now Djokovic has taken the crown with his 3 slam titles this year.  He has totally changed his game, and is now beating all the big names.

I was always trying to wait for their mistakes and not having that positive attitude and believing I could win. This has changed and U.S. Open 2010 was one of the turning points in my career, definitely.

-Novak Djokovic

Djokovic is set to have the best win-loss record of the modern era.  Right now he sits at 64-2 with 10 titles.  He is on par to go ahead of John McEnroe's 1984 record of 82-3, and their is plenty more tennis on the way for him this year.

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