(DISCLAIMER: 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio does not condone binge drinking in any way. This drinking game is meant to be enjoyed in a responsible fashion, and any rules should be adjusted in proportion to one's safe alcohol consumption level, using the best judgement of the player. Do not drink and drive.)

Every year, Major League Baseball's best and brightest sluggers take the stage on the eve of the All-Star Game to tee off in the Home Run Derby. This year, Citi Field will play host to the grand spectacle. However, the real spectacle is what happens in homes all over America during the event, a tradition unlike any other, the Home Run Derby drinking game.

This year's drinking game features a combination of rules that are timeless classics and rules specific to Citi Field, and the participants themselves. Again, we remind you to be safe if you choose to play, and adjust the rules in proportion to your level of safe alcohol consumption.

BEFORE YOU START, you have to pick one hitter out of a hat. Any time a rule applies to that player, you must drink double the prescribed amount for that one player. Now, without further ado, the rules.

Take A Sip For

  • Every home run hit during the derby
  • Every ground ball hit
  • Any mention of David Wright hitting at his home ballpark

Take Two Sips For

  • Every gold ball home run during the derby
  • Every fly ball caught by a kid in the outfield
  • Whenever an announcer mentions Robinson Cano's zero home run performance in last year's derby
  • Any time Chris Davis' 37 home runs are mentioned in the broadcast

Take Three Sips For

  • Every time Chris Berman says a player hit a ball to a location other than Citi Field
  • Every ball that hits the wall on the fly without clearing the fence
  • Any time "steroids" or "performance enhancing drugs" are mentioned
  • Every mention of a player possibly ruining his swing for the second half of the season
  • If Bryce Harper finds a way to hurt himself in the Home Run Derby
  • Any mention of the fences being moved in at Citi Field

Finish Your Drink For

  • Every swing and miss in the competition
  • Every 500 foot home run
  • Every time a player finishes a round with zero home runs

Take Two Shots For

  • Any ball hit directly into/off of the home run hat/apple in the outfield

Now, you have the rules, you have the free time. Just don't do anything too stupid with them.