The New York Giants were on the attack in free agency. 'Big Blue' spent the most money of any team on day one of free agency and got nothing short of the perfect guys to fill their needs.

The Giants signed the top pass rusher available, Olivier Vernon, with a 5-year/$85 million contract. This deal came after the Giants agreed to terms with the top corner back on the market in Janoris Jenkins and one of the top run stoppers in Damon Harrison, formerly of the Jets.

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Vernon was the biggest splash for the Giants. The Miami Dolphins removed the transition tag from him earlier in the day, allowing Vernon to become a free agent. The transition tag allows a player to field offers from other teams, but it allows the team placing the tag to give the last offer and decide whether or not they want to match an offer.

The 25-year-old hasn't even hit the prime of his career yet and is only getting better. With 7.0 sacks last season, Vernon looks to take a huge leap forward with the Giants whose weakness heading into the off-season was their defensive line; now that may be a strength (JPP, Vernon, Hankins, Harrison as the starting front four).

"The Giants had the best day of anybody in free agency yesterday, it's not even close," Mike Greenberg said on Mike and Mike this morning.

If you're a Giants fan, this is a slam dunk! The team did exactly what they needed to do. They couldn't rush the passer, so they landed Vernon. They couldn't stop the run, so they brought in Harrison. They gave up the most touchdowns in the air last season, so they got Jenkins. The Giants hit a home run on day one of free agency.

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