Last night, after Oregon dismantled Florida State to advance to the national title game, multiple Oregon players taunted Jameis Winston with a "No Means No" chant to the tune of the Seminoles "Warchant."

Of course, the "No Means No" is a shot to Winston, who faced sexual assault charges, but was never charged with a crime, and was recently cleared of violating the FSU code of conduct. His innocence has been hotly debated and is just one of many issues that have clouded the star quarterback's two seasons in Tallahassee.

First off, and to a much lesser extent... lay off another school's fight song. If the fans want to engage in that kind of mocking, then fine, but as the opponent? Win with respect. A school's fight song is sacred. Lay off. Especially on the field of play when FSU players are still around. That's just wrong.

To a much bigger extent... chanting "No Means No" trivializes the sexual assault case. Oregon played great, and they had a chance to make the night about what whey did for their university.

Instead, these players were as classless and most people say Florida State is.

Luckily, Oregon coach Mark Helfrich has the right mentality on this issue. "We are aware of the inappropriate behavior in the postgame. This is not what our programs stand for, and the student-athletes will be disciplined internally," he said

According to an ESPN article, Oregon athletic programs have been involved in sexual assault controversy as well. "Three former basketball players were suspended in June for a minimum of four years after a freshman student filed a report alleging they sexually assaulted her. Prosecutors decided there wasn't enough evidence to charge the players, who said the sexual contact was consensual," it says.

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