Day 1 of the 3oth Olympiad in London and our 1st report of possible chicanery at the games, this involving the country of Ireland.

The International Olympic Committee is reportedly investigating a member of the Irish contingency betting on an opponent to win a pre-olympics event, claiming that an Irish athlete hauled in a tidy profit of about 4,800 on bets made with a gambling operator. They did not announce the athlete under investigation or the sport that was wagered on.

Irish team spokesman Jack McGouran tells the AP that " It is between the Olympic council of Ireland's legal department and  the athletes coucil". The athlete and the sport he or she plays will not be announced until after the investigation.

The Irish brought a total team of 66 athletes to compete in the London games. IOC spokesman  Mark Adams says " We are aware of it, we are gathering information, and will take action if needed".

The IOC bans athletes from wagering on any Olympic games. Adams adds " We have a proper process  of dealing with betting cases which is more robust then ever before".

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