It's been months now and all of media not just the sports world has been focused on just how much air was in the Patriots footballs. The Patriots have remained defiant and never stopped their claims of innocence even in the face of the Wells Report. Said report high lighted text messages between Patriots employees Jim McNally and John Jastrempski. In these texts many found all the evidence they'd need to convict the the Patriots and Tom Brady in the court of public opinion.

Robert Kraft released statements and his own report penned by lawyers and scientist alike rebutting any and all findings in the Wells report. The evidence that many had the hardest time excepting was if the Patriots were completely innocent as they claimed, why did they suspend McNally and Jastrempski? We now have conflicting reports that the NFL may have asked the Patriots to suspend the two men. In all of this insanity and focus on air pressure Robert Kraft came out today and attempted to finally put this all to bed.


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