Despite defiance by many Penn State players the Nittany Lions have lost 2 players in the past few days and 2 others status is up in the air. The biggest of the bunch is running back Silas Redd and on Tuesday he decided to bolt Happy Valley and the troubles of Penn State and head west to USC. It was bound to happen!

The debate has been raging whether it is ethical for coaches to approach Penn State players. I personally have no problem with it. If a player decided to leave I can't blame them. If they decide to stay I applaud them. Silas Redd is a top notch recruit and wants to play for a championship. USC is top ranked and off probation. The shark that is Lane Kiffen saw blood and pounced.

Redd is the 2nd player to leave with destination known. On Monday a backup safety,  Tim Buckley bolted for North Carolina State. PSU also announced that 2 players, tight end Kevin Haplea and backup QB Rob Bolden were dropped from the program but no reason was given for either being dropped.

Last year Redd gained 1,200 yards and will be missed. USC for all the plaudits had a hole at tailback, which is interesting for a program that is stacked and known as tailback U.

Penn State players held a rally and unified Tuesday but Redd decided to leave the scandal marred program. Bill Belton, a converted wideout will more then likely be the starting back for PSU.

The NCAA left open the door for any player to leave with no reprocussion after the school was slammed by the NCAA after the Sandusky child rape scandal. New coach Bill O'Brien has been making an effort to keep the players at the school.

I applaud the NCAA for waiving the 1 year must sit after transfer rule. No reason to penalize the players for doing nothing wrong if they want to leave.

Penn State opens what will be a strange season at home vs Ohio University, a team that is no pushover on September 1st. Penn State has been hit with a 4 year bowl ban in addition to other harsh, but correct sanctions following the cover up of sexual molestation by the animal Sandusky!

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