Did an alien abduction happen in the Berkshires? It's possible - after a new UFO report released by the Pentagon discusses the horrifying effects suffered by humans after alien encounters.

An interesting, and somewhat disturbing, new UFO report recently released by the Pentagon discusses not only the possibility of actual alien abductions but also details the effects such "close encounters" could have on humans based upon reports from people who say they've experienced them firsthand.

One of the foremost truthers in the world of UFOs and UAPs is documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who on his Instagram page outlined some of the details in the recently released Pentagon files

According to Corbell, while "most of these documents are technical in nature," he is quick to point out that recent information released is "disturbing."

According to Corbell's post, in the shocking report, the Pentagon actually discusses the biological effects that alien encounters or abductions have had on people including, "brain abnormalities, cognitive degeneration, central nervous system degradation, cellular disruption, and even stranger stuff, such as DNA damage… a total cornucopia of “malignant transformations”.


I'm not sure exactly what that means but it sounds scary as hell and adds some validity to the stories heard from people who say they've had their lives altered, and in some cases, ruined at the hands of extra-terrestrials.

One of the most notorious incidents that happened took place about an hour east of Albany in the Berkshires in 1969 - and it's still talked about today.

In July 2020, Netflix brought back "Unsolved Mysteries" and one of the episodes centered around alleged UFO sightings and possible abductions in the Berkshires.  To this day, some 30 plus years later,  Great Barrington, MA residents who were children at the time, are said to have witnessed the UFOs that night in 1969.

Here's Berkshire resident Thom Reed on Fox News Wednesday night, talking about the alien encounter that has haunted him for 50 years.





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