As the lockout nears an end, teams are finally ready to get going.  The Philadelphia Eagles are now reporting that they could be interested in signing Brett Favre as a back up to Michael Vick.

Once again we are approaching the start of the NFL season and, surprise!  Brett Favre said he wants to play again.  Now he did say back in the beginning of the month that he might be interested in playing again, and right now Yahoo Sports is saying that the Philadelphia Eagles could be showing interest in the 41 year old QB.

The Eagles wouldn't be interested in Favre as a starting QB, as the already have Michael Vick to run their show.  They are interested in bringing him in as a back up to Vick though.  Kevin Kolb is on his way out right now, so Favre could provide a possible solution.  Plus it wouldn't hurt any QB to learn something from the 20 year vet.

Could Favre really want to come back into the league as a back up though?  All of this talk is just speculation right now.  No word from either side if this interest is in fact real.

If the Eagles do end up with Favre, he could teach them this way cool dance which almost makes the whole thing worth it.