Al Tielemans /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images
Al Tielemans /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

The first snowfall of the fall is likely to hit the Capital Region this Friday. If winter is potentially starting early, that could be great news for ski area fans. In mid-October Governor Cuomo announced that ski areas would be able to reopen by November 6th

According to a recent report by News Channel 13 , popular ski area are beginning to work on plans to reopen. Willard Mountain general manager Chic Wilson said the following to News Channel 13

We need our government to understand that we're not all Vails.  There's not thousands and thousands and thousands of people here on a weekend

Wilson's quote is in reference to some of the restrictions set by the state. Earlier in October, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo set the state's guidelines for ski resorts. Some of those restrictions include

-Gondolas and lifts will be restricted to members of the same party and shared or rented equipment must be disinfected between uses.

-Capacity on the mountain must be reduced by twenty five percent during “peak” days or if multiple trails are closed due to unseasonable conditions. Ski lessons will be limited to ten or fewer people

You can watch the full piece on ski areas reopening from News Channel 13 below

Personally I have never gone to a ski area to participate in the fun. I was a part of small skiing learning assignments when I was an elementary student but I have not tried the activity since then.

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