Sure, President Obama loves the great game of basketball, but that doesn’t mean he can play the sport to save his life.

President Obama tried to channel his inner Michael Jordan while shooting hoops on Easter Sunday.  However, he looked more like Brian Scalabrine or something.  No disrespect to Scalabrine, but he’s not exactly Michael Jordan.  To be fair, Obama actually looked like Scalabrine’s cousin who had never picked up a basketball in his life.  There, that’s better.

The President of the United States of America tried to prove to little kids and everybody else looking on that he had some game.  Unfortunately, after 18 straight misses, most people walked away scratching their heads as if to say, “Man, that dude has absolutely no game whatsoever.”  It’s okay; Obama has that Leader of the Free World thing to fall back on.  Not a bad Plan B.

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