So what you want about Bruins golie Tim Thomas saying no thanks to the usual invitation of a sports champ to meet the President at the White House but I give the B's netminder credit for standing by his convictions. Thomas's team mates went to the Whitehouse on Monday to get the usual plaudits from the President, a tradition that has spanned the years.

Plenty of folks are opining on Thomas's snub of the President but this isn't unusual. For example Nick Saban then head coach of the Miami Dolphins said no to an invite from President George W Bush stating he had much work to do. Dolphins Defensive Lineman Jason Taylor also said thanks but no thanks to Bush.

5 members of the World Champion White Sox including Manager Ozzie Guillen told George W Bush no when invited to come see the President after they won the title. Michael Jordan rejected an invite from President George H.W. Bush after the Bulls won it all in 1991.

Several members of the USA Ryder Cup Team threatened to sit out meeting with President Bill Clinton in 1993 but later decided to go including Paul Azinger.

It's funny we slam athletes for seemingly not caring about anything but themselves and their bank accounts yet when some take a stand for their personal likes or dislikes or political convictions we slam them for that. Not me. I applaud people for having the belief in their convictions and beliefs to snub the most powerful person in the world.

Some will say it is disrespectful. I say if you don't care for the President or his policies then stand by it. It's good to see athlete's having  core beliefs whether I agree or disagree with said beliefs.

I remember Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods getting hammered by many in the Black community for not being more involved in their concerns but we have seen many get slammed for getting involved so what's an athlete to do? Abandon those who are fans of theirs yet have opinions that may clash with the beliefs and policies of the country or just go and suck it up. Get involved and get slammed or stay out of it and take some mild pot shots.

I really can see both sides. If you consider yourself a buisnessman like Jordan or Woods or others well you don't want to make waves and turn off some fans, but if you don't stand up for your beliefs you get slammed for that so what is 1 to do?

Here is what I know and think. Do what you feel comfortable with even knowing that some will get mad at you for standing up for those beliefs. I would rather a person with conviction then a waffler but hey that's me.