Many people will say I am way over the top on my hatred of the Miami Dolphins. That I am way too critical. That I lack credibility. Yeah ok. But seriously not even I could imagine how inept, how awful, how laughable this franchise is. A franchise that once boasted Bob Griese or Dan Marino or Chad Pennington as their signal caller can't even entice this off season's flavor of the month Matt Flynn to play for them.

Pardon me for 1 second as I step back from my objectivity. LOL.LOL.LOL.LOL. I just can't help myself. This team is worse then I even talk about. I mean Matt Flynn says no not only to the dull-fins but spurned his  former Offensive Co-ordinator now head coach of this lame team Joe Philbin. I am waiting for Philbin to do what Marino once did. Take a job and then quit a few weeks later. Marino was named GM and then realized what a mess and up and quit before he used his 1st paper clip. You still think I exagerate with my hammering this loser franchise?

I mean Matt Flynn who "in the moment football fans" swear is the latest great find-based on 1 game he played for the GB Packers when he threw 6 td's. Big whoop! Instead Flynn took his 1 game act to another team that can't get the QB position right the Seattle Seahawks and it cost them big dollars. 3 years and a reported 26 million with 10 mill guaranteed.

I am going to laugh and laugh if indeed The Mighty Flynn is not a 1 game wonder.

So let's check the landscape dopey Dolpheeeeen fan. Chad Henne-gone. Manning-are you kidding he wanted no part of Mickey Mouse Miami. Oh wait their is Mat Moore still left..For Now!

Please I need a moment..LOL..LOL..LOL..LOL..This couldn't have gone any better for a Porpiss hater like myself. LOL..LOL..Sorry. No I am not. Your a joke Dull-fin fan and your team is a farce. Now like I said at the start can you play? hey maybe Cleo Lemon has some time to make a comeback.