Jessamyn McIntyre Executive Producer at 710 ESPN Seattle, Sideline Reporter for WSU IMG Sports Network and Seattle Seahawk insider joined us to talk about the Seahawks upcoming game against the Cowboys. As well as a potential draft target for the New York Football Giants.

Jessamyn has a strong feeling about the Seahawks ability to beat the Cowboys in Dallas. She believes the talent is there with Russell Wilson on Offense and Bobby Wagner on Defense. The reason I take her opinion so seriously is she's not one of those homers that thinks the team she covers will win it all no matter what. As a matter of fact she isn't picking the Seahawks confidently after this game. She's not flat out saying they're toast but she's realistic.

The other information she shares is from her job covering the Washington State Cougars. Cougars' Quarterback Gardner Minchew is going to be in the draft this year and could possibly be a target of the Giants in the mid to late rounds of the draft.

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