We still have 48 hours remaining before the biggest game of the year, yet the conference room at the Sheraton Times Square was buzzing more than ever on Wednesday!

It was crowded, chaotic and cluttered. Here's my top observations I took from the day:

1. Former Giants wide receiver Michael Clayton is an impressive guy who loves life and his Super Bowl ring. Not very often do former players allow others to wear their ring but Clayton even encouraged it. Bright guy who was pubbing his new book - Chasing My Rookie Year - go buy it.

2. A hot topic this week on radio row is what the NFL should do with the extra point. Everyone has an opinion. Here are two:
- Former NFL LB Brady Poppinga 

- Former NFL K Garo Yepremian

3. Mountain High Denver Broncos reporter Robin Carlin is hot. Really, really, really HOT.

4.Two of the biggest names on radio row today were Mark Messier and Cal Ripken Jr. When they had a conversation, every one just stared in 'ah'. So much greatness so close to each other.

5. Warren Sapp is playing hard to get. OK, maybe he's just working - but I still have an objective to get 'Big Warren' on the phone with Pierce before the week's up so that the two of them can have a discussion about Michael Strahan's greatness.

On the docket for tomorrow: Linda Cohn, Darryl Strawberry, Ray Lucas and who knows who else!

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