Ray Allen passed Reggie Miller on Thursday night for the most three-pointers made in NBA history.  Ray Allen has also passed Larry Bird in one aspect.

Ray Allen is easily a bigger three-point threat than Larry Bird ever was.  "Larry Legend" is the perfect name for Bird.  It mostly means that his career was legendary.  It also means that there is a Paul Bunyan-like legend to just how good he was.

What I mean by the Paul Bunyan line is this.  There are plenty of people who will suggest that Larry Bird was a better three-point shooter than Ray Allen was.  That's absurd.  You have to look at the numbers.


Ray Allen has made 2,562 three-pointers in his career.  Larry Bird made 649.  That's virtually a 4-to-1 difference.  Ray Allen has made nearly four times more three-pointers than Larry Bird.

Ray Allen also shot a better percentage from three-point range than Bird.  Ray is a 39% three-point shooter, while Bird shot at a 37% clip.

I'm not arguing that Ray Allen is a better all-around player.  However, I will say that anyone who argues that Bird was the better three-point shooter, is out of their mind.