Former Ravens running back Ray Rice still does not have a job as a running back in the NFL since his well-known domestic violence arrest led to his release from Baltimore in September 2014.

Suspended Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice Attends Appeas Hearing In New York
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"I think the NFL has such a huge platform and I've seen the platform I had when I was playing, when I would go out and help people," said Rice, to ESPN in their "Sunday Conversation". "I go out now, and I don't have an NFL platform, but I'm going out there and helping people out.

"So if I never played a down again, why not see if I could use their platform to go out there and help make a difference."

Rice made it clear this past off-season that at 28 years old he still feel like he has gas in the tank. Yet with many injuries around the NFL, the veteran back has yet to be signed, or even get a tryout.

"I don't see it [happening]," said ESPN's Adam Schefter, to "Armen and Levack" on 104.5 The Team. "If nobody is giving him a shot, a sniff, a tryout as of November 2nd I don’t know why all of a sudden things are going to change now.

"He obviously has baggage that teams believe he would bring. Although ... his history is one of being a tremendous person in the community of giving back and being involved and I think the fact that he has not been brought back is more to do with the fact that teams are skeptical that he can produce at the level that he once did."

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