Nothing gets more American that a Patriotic Holiday. Nothing gets more American than baseball on that Patriotic Holiday. And nothing gets more American than a guy wearing 'Merica gear at a baseball game on that Patriotic Holiday.

Case in point: I give you this fan at last night's Mariners vs. Rays game. The Rays fan gets the foul ball, and then goes crazy. Also, just check out the wardrobe. That's a big commitment to doing the Holiday right.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we get this fan at the Yankees/Royals game.

I've always wanted a foul ball, but I really don't know if the ballpark bleachers is the place that I would lay down to find one.

I give this Yankees fan extreme credit for the dedication to getting this ball, and I'm happy she was rewarded with it.

Man, I never used to post videos. I guess I'm more like Levack every day I work here.

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