The Boston Red Sox have been on a bit of a downward spiral this September.  Last night was another struggle for the Sox as they get beat by the Orioles 6-4 as the Anaheim Angels continue to gain ground.


While the Red Sox lost again last night, they still remain in the lead for the AL Wild Card.  They need to hold onto that because last night the Yankees clinched the division, so now the wild card is Bostons only hope for the post season.  They still have a 2.5 game lead on the Rays, but the Anaheim Angels are quickly catching up to them.

It was another blown lead that was the Sox demise last night.  They were leading the Orioles 4-1 heading into the 6th inning when pitcher Josh Beckett gave up 5 more runs in 3 innings after going 6 allowing just 1 run.

The Red Sox are 5-16 in the month of September and look like they have run out of steam.  In the meantime the Anaheim Angels are full of energy and are 12-7 this month.  They are now the Red Sox biggest threat in the Wild Card and have a chance to catch them some more with a 4pm game today against Toronto.  Is this it for Boston?  Will they be able to win enough to make it in?  Will they have enough in them to last through the first round.

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