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ALCS Pits Cheater Against Cheater
The 2018 American League Championship Series is a joke! If Major League Baseball had any morals at all they would disqualify both the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros and start the series over with the New York Yankees and The Cleveland Indians because there's proof that both the Red Sox a…
Yankees Vs Red Sox Rivalry Renewed Or Just Another Series?
Heading into the 2018 season there is plenty of hype surrounding both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Both teams are young and stacked with talent. Both teams are expecting big thing and today they start a three game series in Boston. Is this the return of one of the greatest rivalries in s…
Yankees Rally Late For Big Win Over Red Sox
Coming into tonight's game the Yankees will face the Boston Red Sox 10 times in 24 days. Considering the Yankees were already trailing the Red Sox by 4.5 games these ten games seem ultra important.

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