This is one of the oddest technical fouls you will ever see.  L.A. Clippers forward Reggie Evans was hit with a technical foul for high fiving Blake Griffin.  Really?

Reggie Evans was actually hit with a technical foul for high fiving his teammate on Friday night.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Reggie Evans simply gave HIS TEAMMATE Blake Griffin a high five after Evans was fouled on a fast break.  NBA referee Marc Davis called a technical on Evans for the, ahh, horrific display?  I'm still trying to figure this one out.

Marc Davis points at Reggie Evans as if he did something awful.  The man just shared a high five with a teammate.  He wasn't showing anybody up.  He wasn't disrespectful.  It was just a high five!  High fives tend to happen in sports.  I don't know what Marc Davis saw, or what he thought he saw, but we all witnessed him making an awful call.  The Clippers went on to lose Game 6 to the Grizzlies 90-88 on Friday evening.  The Clippers were able to beat Memphis in Game 7 on Sunday 82-72.  The Clippers advanced to meet the Spurs in the Western Conference Semifinals. 

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