Late last night, I saw a report that Ryan Fitzpatrick was ready to sign a 1-year contract with the New York Jets and put an end to this offseason saga.

On the surface, it seems like a good deal for both sides. For Fitzpatrick, he gets a chance to earn $12 million like he wants and if he plays well, could cash in again on a short deal next year.

For the Jets, they don't assume risk for Fitzpatrick's age and health concerns beyond this year and they get a year to develop Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg.

But now we see the Jets aren't interested in this solution:

According to Mehta, the the deal doesn't make sense to the Jets because it increases the value of the contract they wanted to offer (3 years/$24 million) and causes salary cap issues. Furthermore, they want him back in 2017 in case one of the youngsters isn't ready.


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