The Mets appear ready to part ways with infielder Ruben Tejada in a somewhat-surprising move.

"By cutting Tejada more than 15 days before Opening Day, the Mets would be freed from paying five-sixths of Tejada's salary. They would only be responsible for $500,000," says Rubin.

I don't really understand this move. Tejada was only due to make $3 million this season. He serves as a reliable backup infielder option - and is even more valuable with Asdrubal Cabrera possibly starting the year on the disabled list with a knee injury.

Also, with the uncertainty around David Wright's health, having too many infielders on your roster is never a bad thing.

We reportedly heard last week that the St. Louis Cardinals were interested in Tejada after Johnny Peralta went down with a thumb injury and will be sidelined for a few months.

It seems bizarre to just waive Tejada if there was another team interested in his services.


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