A CBS News reporter had a terrible experience using the rental service Airbnb in Upstate New York, one that he described as a nightmare.

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The reporter in question was Bo Erickson, a White House and federal government reporter for CBS, and the co-host of the "Missing Justice" podcast. Erickson described the ordeal on his X account, prefacing the story by saying that he was staying in Upstate "for wedding festivities" this past weekend.

Here's how the story begins:

He continued:

Here were some of the specifics of the situation:

Naturally, the Airbnb app had to ask about Erickson's experience:

Erickson followed up on the situation after it was resolved, saying that he and his party ended up finding a nearby hotel for the night. He complimented the management and staff at the Hilton where they stayed, stating that they "were able to snag the last rooms" for the night.

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